RSW Company is Maharashtra based company RSW Company farming of pomegranate last 25 years. We know finest quality of pomegranate.
The total area under cultivation of pomegranate in India is 107.00 thousand ha and production is around 743.00 thousands tons. We are Varieties of Pomegranate exported from India

Bhagwa – The fruit is glossy red in colour with dark pink arils and soft seeds. Fruit weighs between 250-450 grams with high T.S.S. Maharashtra is the leading producer of pomegranate

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Dark Cherry red




Fresh Pomegranate

Packaging Size

2.5kg,3.5kg Corrugated box, 20kg Crates (As per customer requirement)


Minimum 180gm, Maximum 400gm

Container Capacity

7.2MT in 20 feet reefer FCL, 16MT in 40 feet reefer FCL


Througout the year

A 400 90
B 350 80
C 300 70
D 250 60
E 200 50

Bhagwa variety of Pomegranate is a highly productive variety with large fruit size of distinct deep Saffron colour. Its arils are of deep red colour and enjoy very high market demand. This variety is very suitable for Exports as well. Pomegranate is one of the important fruit crops commercially grown in Maharashtra. The area under this crop is 1.25 lac hectares & growing. It is less susceptible to fruit spots and thrips, the thick skin gives it a longer shelf life. Hence, the variety is the most popular table variety both in the domestic and export market. The size of the fruit ranges from 300 – 400 gms.

It is truly one of nature’s most unique type of fruit. A good nutrient value fruit is very tasty and best anti-oxidant. These juicy treats are full of flavor and nutrition. Fresh Pomegranate Arils are ready to use in salads and recipes or can be enjoyed straight out of the pack.

Pomegranate is currently ranked 10th in terms of fruit consumed annually in the world. India is the only country in the world where pomegranate is available throughout the year i.e. from January to December. It is cultivated in 3 seasons (Ambe bahar, Mrig bahar and Hasth bahar).

India is endowed with wide agro climatic conditions that offer immense scope for cultivation of various kinds of fruit crops. This provides an excellent platform for the country to emerge as a leading producer of fruit crop.

India is the leading producer of pomegranates all over the world and the fresh pomegranates are supplied in different parts of the world. Bhagwa variety is the finest variety of pomegranates grown in India. There are many fresh pomegranate suppliersin India. RSW stands out and is the leading fresh pomegranate exporter from India supplying in domestic markets as well as international markets. Different countries of the world look for fresh pomegranate exporters from India and RSW meets the quality standards and is the fresh pomegranate supplier from India.